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Rules for Drinking Risk:
last updated: December 21st, 2005

  1. The loser of any battle must drink the sum of the winner's roll of one die
  2. The loser of a continent must take a shot of the selected liquor
  3. When eliminated from the game you are able to give two shots or 15 total drinks (Nuclear Attack)
  4. Any player has the right to call for an injustice vote, if the person calling the vote wins, the losing party must drink 1-shot or 5 drinks. If the person calling the vote loses, he must drink the above.
  5. Any player who cannot continue to play the game because of drunkenness must spend the rest of his time in the bathroom until the game is ceased.
  6. When cashing in victory cards, you must roll one dice. See below for the consequence:
    • Roll a 1 - give out 1 shot
    • Roll a 2 - give out 5 drinks
    • Roll a 3 - roll again and drink that many shots or remove that many men
    • Roll a 4 - Chose two players to have a roll-off, loser must finish drink
    • Roll a 5 - Waterfall
    • Roll a 6 - Make a rule that stays until someone else rolls a 6
  7. To form or break any alliance, all members must drink a shot
  8. If alliances are created, they shall not be broken. If they are, the perpetrator must take a shot.
  9. Any player who bitches about these rules must face away from the board while the other players rearrange the player's pieces any way they want.
  10. Every beer finished = +2 men on a country you control of your choice

Drinking Risk rules written by Matt Zimmerman, Ross Miller, and Sam Miller